Forever the King

the following will be appearing during The King's Court Q&A and Autograph Session on Saturday, October 2, 2010
(guest list subject to change without notice)

Larry Geller Larry onstage with EP
Larry Geller
In the 1960's, Larry was a hairstylist to the stars.  Larry worked alongside the famed Jay Sebring and their client list was a who's who of Hollywood including:  Frank Sinatra, Paul Newman, Marlon Brando, Peter Sellers, Steve McQueen, Roy Orbison, Sam Cooke, Kirk Douglas, Bobby Darin, Tony Bennett, Jackie Gleason, and many more.  The day that Elvis asked Larry to do his hair changed both of their lives forever.  The session turned into a three hour long philosophical conversation, ending with Elvis asking Larry to quit his job and to come work for him full-time!  Elvis probably shared more of his most intimate thoughts with Larry than any other member of his entourage.  Elvis and Larry shared many long, deep conversations on life, God, and Elvis' never ending search for truth.  The greatest storyteller in the Elvis World joins the Forever the King Fan Fest and will have everyone spellbound with the behind closed doors stories that only he can tell.  Larry has written several books on Elvis, including his most recent release, the highly acclaimed "Leaves of Elvis' Garden."  Larry will be autographing copies for those in attendance who wish to purchase it.

Shirley Dieu
Shirley Dieu
Up until now, Shirley has been (by choice) one of most invisible of all of the people around Elvis.  As girlfriend to Joe Esposito (Elvis' close friend and road manager), she spent significant time with Elvis in the last years of his life, but has remained virtually silent...until now.  Elvis particularly liked Shirley and she was one of the only women ever given an exemption by Elvis to his "no wives/girlfriends on tour" rule.  She was granted access to Elvis' private world and will share insight into some of the misconceptions of what went on around The King.  Shirley is currently working on a book titled Memphis Mafia Princess, hear these untold stories from her first...before the rest of the Elvis World is talking about them!  Shirley is the cute blonde in the famous photos from Elvis' last Hawaiian vacation and will have those rare treasures available for fans in attendance. Elvis gave Shirley the Cadillac that will be unveiled as part of Saturday's events...hear her tell first hand about these historic wheels and Elvis' legendary generosity!

Cynthia Pepper
Cynthia Pepper
Cynthia first caught America's attention with her recurring role on the hit TV series My Three Sons.  She was then given her own TV series from 1961-1962 titled Margie with Cynthia starring as Roaring Twenties teenager Margie Clayton.  Over her career she has appeared in a number of other television and film roles and was seen most recently in Miss Congeniality 2 with Sandra Bullock.  But, Elvis fans know her best as Corporal Midge Riley...the love interest of the "blonde Elvis" in Kissin' Cousins (1964).  Cynthia is a wonderful person with ties to the Central Valley - now living in Las Vegas, she returns to share her special stories of her time with The King...including the time she thought she killed him!  Cynthia will be autographing special Kissin' Cousins collectables she has to offer lucky fans at the Forever the King Fan Fest.

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